Thursday, May 19, 2011


Chilli chicken otherwise also known as chicken 65, an indianized Chinese dish serves as a side dish or snack is easy to make and yummy to taste


1. Chicken boneless 500 gm
2. Chillies 4 to 5
3. Cornflour 2 tbsp
4. Maida/flour 1 tbsp
5. Egg 1
6. Soya Sauce 1.5 tsp
7. Chilli sauce 1.5 tsp
8. Vinegar 1.5 tsp
9. Capsicum 2
10. Ginger garlic paste 1.5 tsp
11. Coriander leaves few
12. Curd 1 tbsp
13. Chilli powder 1 tsp
14. Tomato sauce 1.5 tsp
15. Onions 1
16. Tasting salt/ajinomoto a pinch
17. Oil for frying
18. Salt to taste

1. Clean chicken and cut into cubes and marinate by adding curd, salt, one egg, all sauces one teaspoon each, ginger garlic paste, cornflour 1.5 tsp and maida/flour and mix well and keep aside (you can refrigerate for penetration of the spices) for half an hour.
2. Cut the vegetables onions and capsicum into cubes and dice the chillies.
3. Take the chicken out and deep fry them in oil when they turn golden brown, strain, and leave them on tissue paper so excess oil is absorbed.
4. Now take 1tbsp of oil and add onions, chillies, and capsicum and cook till add the sauces half teaspoon each, vinegar and mix well, add ajinomoto, add already fried chicken and fry add half tablespoon of cornflour in some water to form this you can also add red food color if you want a red color..and pour this in the cooking chicken and mix well...the cornflour slurry will form into a shiny add coriander leaves and chilli chicken is ready to eat.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Children loves garelu, but does not like cabbage so i make it a point to add shredded cabbage and make garelu...and they eat them happily oblivious to the fact that there is cabbage inside...sambar and TOMATO CORIANDER CHUTNEY is a great combination....


1.Urad Dal/minappapu1 cup (for about 15 garelu/vada)
2.Onion 1 small, chopped
3.Cabbage 1/2 cup, chopped
4.Chilli 3-4, chopped

5.Coriander leaves, chopped 2-3 tbsp
6.curry leaves chopped 2-3tbsp
7.Oil (for deep frying)
8.Salt to taste

Batter Preparation
1. Soak urad dal in water for 4-5 hours.
2. Wash it and grind it into a thick batter without adding water (or as little water as possible).
3. Transfer the batter into a vessel. Add all the other ingredients (except oil) and mix well.  Add salt to taste.
4. Make garelu immediately (otherwise the batter will become loose because of onions) or else you can store in fridge and later add onions and make garelu.