Thursday, December 2, 2010


This is a very simple and easy to make curry with just three ingredients, cabbage, moong dal, and redchillies+garlic...i learnt this from a friend's cook.  I was skeptical about the taste because of so less ingredients, but believe me it is a real tasty and easy to make dish...very good with either rice or roti.

Cabbage 250 gm
Moong Dal 200 gm
Red chillies 4 to 5 and garlic 4 to 5 pods

For seasoning
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder
Oil for frying
Curry leaves a sprig

1.  Wash and shred cabbage into fine pieces.  Dry roast the moong dal and later wash the moong dal also.
2. Take both cabbage and moong dal in either a vessel or pressure pan for cooking with sufficient water and turmeric powder till 3 whistles
3. After the cabbage is cooked with the dal, add salt and mash well.
4. Now for tempering part take oil in a pan, add curry leaves and after they splutter, crush the red chillies and garlic pods roughly and add to the oil , fry for sometime and add this to the cabbage dal...mix well and it is ready to get no smell of the cabbage and it is yummy to taste with just 3 ingredients.

This dal goes to the event CMT-Dal/Kadhi/Rasam/Sambar guest hosted by Priya, event by Jagruti..


  1. That's really amazing with just 3 ingredients, must be really delicious.

  2. Delicious Dal!!! thanks for sending it to CMT!!!!