Sunday, October 24, 2010



1. Marie Biscuits Pack small-1
2. Butter -1 tablespoon
3.Cashew nuts(optional)-8 to 10
4.Sugar-25 g (optional)
5.Cocoa powder-1 tablespoon
5.Condensed Milk-half a tin.
6.vanilla essence-few drops

1.In a mixie grind the cashew nuts and sugar into fine powder.
2.Break the marie biscuits into small pieces and add them to the above powder and grind again to a fine can also sieve to get a fine powder.
3.Now take the above biscuit powder into a bowl and add cocoa powder to it, wet your hands with some butter, add the remaining butter, vanilla essence, and condensed milk and knead into a smooth choco-biscuit dough...for that consistency add  some more butter if required.
4. Knead the choco-biscuitdough smooth and roll into a cylinder shape.
5. Cut into pieces or else you can even make balls with the dough.

This recipe goes to the following events
1.Akila's Kitchen ..Learning-to-cook  Dish Name Starts with C
2. CMT - Mithai by Mina Joshi and Jagruthi
3. ONLY' Festive Event by Preeti and Paari
4.Diwali sweets and snacks by Lavi

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  1. Very tasty, thanks for the simple and tasy recipe

  2. Wow what a lovely dish...Who can resist chocolate!!

  3. these look fabulous and delicious thank you for linking

  4. Choco Balls look delicious. I have seen many recipes for it ... I love this simple recipe.