Friday, February 4, 2011


Methi matar a healthy curry made using both greens like methi leaves and peas..which happens to be the season with a dash of malai..which makes a yummy curry for rotis..i learnt this curry from my friend this is how it is made.....

1. Methi leaves 4 to 5 bunches
2. Peas 1 cup
3. Onion 2-3
4. Spices, a few clove, cinammon, mustard, and jeera.
5. Ginger garlic past 1.5 tsp
6. Green chillies 3
7. Turmeric powder 1tsp
8. Red chilli powder 1 tsp
9. Cashew nuts 5-6
10. Milk half a cup
11. Salt to taste.
12. Oil

1. In oil add clove, cinnamon, elaichi, mustard seeds, jeera and ginger garlic paste
add green chilli and onion and fry till brown.
2. Add methi leaves and fry, add green and also add peas, now add salt, turmeric powder and redchilli  powder and mix well.  Add about half cup of water for peas to cook.

3. Now grind cashews in milk along with cream into a slurry.
4. Now check if peas are add the above cashew and milk slurry into the curry and mix well... and simmer for 5 minutes and curry is ready to be served..if you want u also add cream as topping on curry.

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